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An ideal serum to removes signs of tiredness. Reinforces the epidermis texture for a healthy
and firmer looking skin.

Benefits: Helps to reduce visible signs of swelling. Gives you an instant feeling of soothing.
Suitable for bags under the eyes.

Main Ingredients: Micro-encapsulated fluid formula, instant penetration, non-oily texture.
Synergy of natural essential oils of Marjoram, Geranium, Lemon Balm. Phospholipid Complex.
Hydrating Agent. Vitamin E derivate.

Grâce à sa synergie exclusive d’huiles essentielles et extraits de plantes associée à la technologie
MEIMA, ce sérum purifie
et rééquilibre la peau pour améliorer son éclat. Plus lumineuse, la peau
paraît plus jeune.

Avantages: Aide à réduire les gonflements et les signes visibles de fatigue. Apporte un effet
immédiat de douceur.
Atténue les poches sous les yeux.

Ingrédients principaux: Micro-encapsulation non grasse d’huiles essentielles et principes
actifs de plantes. Complexe d’huiles
essentielles naturelles: Marjolaine, Géranium, Mélisse.
Complexe de principes actifs de plantes: Hamamelis.
Complexe phospholipidique.
Agent hydratant. Dérivé de Vitamine E.


[ 1.7 fl.oz / 50 ml ]

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In order to help your skin to maintain proper balance and to protect it against infections, environmental stress and the natural degenerative conditions known as aging this is why the skin needs a proper Facial. Our skin cells renew themselves every 28-45 days. As we age, skin cells lose their natural ability to replicate and protect us. Regular weekly to monthly facials eliminates dead cells and helps maintain a healthy skin. STEP 1: SKIN ANALYSIS STEP 2: CLEANSING STEP 3: pH REBALANCING STEP 4: EXFOLIATION STEP 5: ANALYSIS Extraction (Optional) STEP 6: COMPRESS STEP 7: ACTIVE PHASE STEP 8: NECK MASSAGE Relaxation Process STEP 9: FACIAL MASSAGE Traditional-MLD-Physiotonifying STEP 10: MASK FINAL STEP: PROTECTION

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